10.10.10 – William and Alexis Wedding

Today prove to be a very popular date for weddings as its 10.10.10 on the calender. There are no excuses not to remember dates like these (we tie our knot on 20.05.2005). News have reported that there are 700 over couples tying their knots today. William and Alexis are one of the couples.

I have always love attending weddings of Salsa friends. It always feels very lively and festive-like, with unique walk-in arrangements and dance performances. As we bought Xavier along, I didn’t bring my camera as there it’s almost impossible to shoot with while taking care of Xavier. I could only make do with iPhone camera.

The wedding is held at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). The carpark is quite a walk to the convention center halls and the wedding hall is also quite a walk from the convention center lift. Menu is pretty special as they offer a buffet of dessert but I think the older seniors might not like the idea of walking to the reception to queue for desserts. My complain however is the ridiculously heavy doors of the ballroom.

The first march in is pretty SOP though the Doraemon Theme piano version as first dish entrance song is so refreshing. The party begins at the second march-in. William and his gang of brothers storm into the ballroom to the music of 上海灘 in outfits that looked like 斧头帮 of 功夫. Then Alexis danced in with her sisters to the tune of 夜來香 in hot red dress and hand fans. It was a visually fun performance and I hope someone got it on video and upload to youtube so I can post it.

It was so fun that even Xavier wants to be a part of 斧头帮.

Then there is also a Kungfu Salsa performance by the Shanghai Tang Brothers. Combining Salsa and Kungfu, it was another entertaining performance to watch.

Xavier also made new friends (Natasha mei mei whom he keeps wanting to be friendly with) and have fun doing the yum seng.

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