Adrenaline Rush Friday

Rick call me on Friday afternoon asking excitedly if I received his SMS earlier. Apparently, he got to drive a Porsche Boxster for a day due to a Maybank credit card promotion. So he wondered if I was free to check it out.

We arranged for dinner at Jerry’s BBQ and Grill at Jalan Kayu. But somehow the food wasn’t as great as had expected (hence not posting any pictures). Maybe we were just too hungry. After dinner, we drove to a quiet new road near my place for some photo session. As I didn’t have a tripod, I ask Rick to park the Porsche under one of the street lamps to light up the car. But I did the newbie error of shooting with flash but without the orange gel (I should get some of these soon). So my photos came out white lighting the subjects with the mix of amber from the street lamp. No amount of Photoshop magic can save this. Hence I decided to use black and white to “cover up” my error.

Above is one of the shots of Rick giving Xavier a tour of his ride. Rick gamely gave myself and Lilian a ride (taking turns since its a 2 seater and someone needs to take care of Xavier). I must say its a pretty comfortable ride and it has a pretty good pull when you floor it. And of course the feel-good factor of driving a Porsche with its top down. Thanks for the experience Rick!

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