Air Jordan VI Retro

I mentioned last week about over-spending on online US sites and this was the main reason. I chanced upon selling Air Jordan VI retro shoes and got all excited.

These Air Jordan VI shoes were all rage during my SJI days when Michael Jordan won his first NBA championship wearing these. I remember quite a number of my rich classmates having at least a pair of these and I often watch with envy as my parents wouldn’t buy me a pair. Well I could understand why as these shoes were way too expensive.

20 years later (in 2010), Nike decided to launch a retro version of the shoe and I couldn’t help but get myself a pair. And I also got Xavier a matching pair as they were all so cute. The toddler ones looked slightly different for the adult version but the boy version was too big for him. I got him a kid size 10. Hopefully he can wear them for Chinese New Year.

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