Baby “Mah Piu Poh” (Newspaper)

Yesterday we went to Lilian’s colleague’s baby girl Kirsten’s 1st Birthday party. Her colleague is also a photo enthusiast and was running slideshow of Kristen’s photos from birth. It sort of kick me in the head that I have taken much lesser photos of Xavier recently than during his first three months.

Lilian recently bought for Xavier a baby newspaper from Combi. I love this Japanese company products, especially the Smile Lab series. Its pretty innovative and cute.
It is made of synthetic material so it is almost “indestructible” by a baby. They also pack a rattle and a squeaky in it. Below is an image of it beside today’s Sunday Times.
So did Xavier have fun “reading” his newspaper? Not really, he throws it away like all other toys. Haha…

“Hello, where is my newspaper?”

“Ok, let’s see today NTUC got any diapers on offer or not…”

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