Baby Xavier vs Mini Godzilla (GTR) – Part II

Following the biting incident, I decided to bring out my Mini Godzilla to train Xavier. The previous time in “Baby Xavier vs Mini Godzilla (GTR)“, he couldn’t crawl yet so Mini Godzilla had the advantage.

So with the ability to crawl, how does he fare? I must say he is pretty fast. Many a times when I lost contact with my car (partly due to his body blocking my radio signal), he was able to catch hold of it. I wonder if I could use this in the baby crawling competition, because if I could, Xavier got a pretty good chance of winning.

3 thoughts on “Baby Xavier vs Mini Godzilla (GTR) – Part II”

  1. So cute!! Doesn't look like his recent illness has affected him at all. He's back to his roly-poly shape again.


  2. He was getting angry by the time we shot the video… That's cos I made him go around a few laps before Lilian is out from shower to video him… Hahaha

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