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Xavier still has the stuffy nose and phlegm for a month already (since he started infant care) and yesterday, he started coughing. It sounded bad, like those heavily clogged by sticky phlegm. I had a strange feeling he got the cough from me.

He didn’t sleep well last night, and neither did I. Every time he coughed, I had to get up and walk to his cot just to make sure he is ok. He was tossing and turning alot when he cough and I didn’t want him to end up in a bad position (head facing down) or had stuff over his head.

Got him to see a new PD this morning, recommended by Gabriel and Winney. The clinic is called ABC, stands for Anthony’s Baby Clinic and is located at 327 Hougang Ave 5. This clinic has a more “sane” queueing time and the waiting area is definitely more calm. The PD is very good with Xavier and he has also confirmed my suspicion. I thought I did enough to avoid Xavier for 5 days (since Sunday night) and thinking I have recovered yesterday, I went to play with him. The cough still got to him. Sorry Xavier, my bad.

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