Back to work…

Haven’t felt such terrible Monday blues for a long long time. You see, I was on 2 weeks leave and after not working for two weeks, the thought of returning to work made me feel abit down today. As to why I took 2 weeks? Well in a common practice if you are working in a bank, you are required to take either a 1 week or 2 weeks (depending on which bank) mandatory leave. I guess it’s a sort of measure to detect of that employee is up to something fishy. I mean if you are not allowed into office during that period of time, you would not be able to cover your traces of any wrongdoing, right?

Anway I had plans to do many stuff during the past two weeks. However, I can’t help but felt my leave being shortchanged for sickness. The last week of my leave Xavier, Lilian and myself took turns to fall sick and hence I couldn’t do most of the stuff I had planned to do during the last week.

But I did some do some stuff which I enjoyed during the 1st week, like going to the photo workshop with Hart from Tomato Photo, tagging along to a food tasting session at Tetsu with Julia, shopping at Uniqlo and buy quite a number of stuff (haven’t shopped for clothes since CNY in Feb).

Guess I should look forward to Monday instead of sulking about it. For if Monday do not come, there will be no Friday to look forward to.

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