Barcook Bakery

Something has been causing long queues in Raffles Place, something that never fails to embrace me with a warm feeling of happiness every time I eat it. If you still not sure what I’m talking about, let me point you to Barcook Bakery.
They have been churning out trays and trays of their best seller, Raisin Cream Cheeze Bun, or what I call the Happiness Bun. These bun are almost always gone as soon as they are out of oven, with people buying them in sixes and tens to give to their friends and colleagues (and spread the happiness).
You would know why even before biting into them. The wonderful aroma of freshly baked bun surrounds you as you queue to buy them. And the best time to eat them is when they are right out of the oven. The bun is both warm and soft and once you bite into it, the soft, smooth cream cheese warms your heart. The feeling of warmth and happiness will surely bring a smile to your face.
The raisins pair perfectly with the cream cheese, making resisting having a second bun a challenge. I tried to take a photo of the filling inside the bun but it didn’t turn out too well. Anyway this is one bun worth queuing for. Try it, you must!
Address: 1 Raffles Place, OUB Centre, #B1-09, Singapore 048616.
They also have two other outlets at Hong Lim Complex and The Central.

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