Big Spending Week

Was recently on two days leave last Thursday and Friday and burned a big hole in my pocket these two days.

It all started with my Omega Constellation Quartz watch which my uncle got me when I graduated 9 years ago. The battery was indicated low so given that I was on leave, I brought it to the Omega service center (under the Swatch group) to replace the battery. It turned out that it wasn’t a weak battery but a more serious battery leak. They needed to clean up the casing and replace some parts. Together with the optional replacement of the crystal which was scratched, the total repair cost comes up to S$650 (they called back the next day to say the final cost is $550) and it would take 10-12 weeks.
I could opt not to repair it but I probably would not be able to use it again till its repaired later. And given that it has served me well for the past 9 years, I decided its time to give it an overhaul. What was more pressing was the fact that I would not have a watch for work for 12 weeks. My only other watch is a black digital $10 watch which I used for army and sports. And so I accelerated my decision to get a new watch and that burned a big hole (although I lessen the pain by opting for an interest free installment plan).
Then came something else that needed spending. I noticed my vision was slightly blurred when I was looking at the menu during Thursday lunch and decided to have it checked. It turns out my right eyes is beginning to have 老花 (presbyopia).Even the optician was surprised given I’m only in my early thirties. As it was mild , she said I could leave it as it is but my eyes might feel more tired when reading and facing PC. Since these two activities are essential in my work (reading documents and working on PC), I decided to change the lenses.
Guess I really have to admit 我 老 了.

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