Blog for pocket money?

After reading on Andy’s blog about his first cheque from Nuffnang, I thought why not give Nuffnang a try too and see if I can get some pocket money for Xavier’s milk powder and diaper. So please help me out by clicking on the Nuffnang ads.

Basically Nuffnang is a blog advertising community. You zone out certain space on your blog for them and they find advertisers to advertise at your space. I have put up two space for the ads, top header and on my sidebar. Still getting use to the header one and contemplating if I should take that one out and just leave the sidebar one. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Blog for pocket money?”

  1. For your blog, I wouldn't put the header as well cos it will spoil the whole look.

    BTW I like your theme very much. Was in two minds whether to change my theme or not but laziness ruled my head. Like you say, not a full time blooger.

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