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I been toying with the idea of doing a revamp to the blog layout. Main reason is that I’m posting more collarge photos so I wanted the collarge to be bigger. However, as the old layout was a very old template (think 2004), doesn’t support it anymore and since I do not know html codes, I do not know how to adjust the width.

New Vs Old

So the next best thing is to use the new “Blogger Template Designer” and do up a new template since its very easy to customise most things. Above is my new layout vs my old layout. I thought it might take alot of time to do it so I have been putting it off. But after reading that Andy from Sengkangbabies did it in under 20 minutes, I decided to go for last night. You can check out his post on where to find the template designer in

So how do you guys find the new layout? Comments very welcome.

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  1. Hahaha. I also used the template designer and did mine new layout in a rather short time.

    My main objective was similar. To be able to display photos of up to 640px wide rather than my previous 500px.

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