Blogger = Fail?

Its been a few days and yet not a solution is in sight. What am I talking about? It inability to post images on my blog using the “Add Image” icon.

Well, after selecting the image and doing the settings, I click “Upload image” button and the upload starts. When its done, I see a picture of the image I uploaded and the message, “After clicking ‘Done’ you can change your post and publish to your blog.” And click ‘Done’ I did, except the image does not appear on my blog. Strange thing is, I can see the photo on my Pizacaweb album, meaning it was indeed uploaded successfully.

While I could embed link the images and it will appear on my blog, why should I go thru the trouble? Obviously something is broken…

Clearing the cache, disabling all browser addons, resetting my PC and still it does not work. Goggle and suddenly realise the whole blogger community is facing the same issue, for days. No indication when it will be fixed, the problem is also not listed in the “Known Issues” of Blogger Help Center.

Makes we wonder if Blogger = Fail, and if I should just switch to WordPress?

Update 03 July 09: Its been almost a week and Blogger has done nothing. Apparently it doesn’t affect all blogger (since Johnson can upload images as per normal) so I guess to them its not critical. Guess have to roll up my sleeves and do some html coding…

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