Bruised Lee Is Back

This weekend would be one that Xavier will remember for a very long time. He got a big buluku (swallen bruise) on his head.

We still had no idea what happen. I was in the restroom and Lilian walked away to get a new bedsheet. 5 seconds later she heard a loud thump and Xavier came crying toward her with a big bruised on his head.

I used ice to reduce the swelling and applied Zam-buk after that. The swelling was gone by the next morning. What’s left is a blue-black mark on this forehead. We also notice a red mark just at the corner of his right eye. He is lucky he didn’t hurt his eye, miss by a cm or two.

We still do not know how it happened though. Xavier says he fell backwards. But with a bruise in front? Strange. Lilian’s take on the incident: Watching over the boys is more important…Chores can WAIT!

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