Cafe Le Chateau

Hidden in the corner of Valley Park lies a place where great food is married with excellent ambience. Having heard so much about it from my colleagues, I gather a few good men and a wonderful lady for dîner.

However, taking photos of these wonderful food prove to be the toughest (for me) to date thanks to the excellent ambience. With only a tea candle to light up the table, I had to hold my breathe to minimise my shaky hand. By the time I finished shooting, I was almost out of breathe and yet, many of the shoots were still blurry. Enough of my photography excuses and on with dinner.

First up, the Appetisers: Oyster Florentine & Escargot Ragout.

Oyster baked with cheese and spinach is a winner. Its rich, its creamy, its yummy.

The Escargot Ragout is a surprise to me. Half expecting the usual escargot on hotplate with holes cooked with butter and garlie, this soft and creamy Escargot Ragout is a nice change.

Next up was soup. Their French Onion soup is superb. It’s full of flavour, it’s the real thing. Not those watered down version you find at some places. No photos as it didn’t turn out well.

Time for mains and we have a variety here.

I had the Tenderloin Steak and it was great. In fact, I had craving for steak on two other occasions after that and were twice disappointed by steaks that couldn’t make it. This was juicy and tender, yet melts in your mouth. I gonna go back there again soon for my next steak fix.

The other mains my friends had were Salmon, French Roasted Duck Breast and Prime French Cut Lamb Rack. My friend who had the lamb didn’t really liked it, saying he could smell the lamb and he had better.

Lastly, and something I was eagerly waiting for, dessert. Heard so much about the legendary Chef Special Apple Pie that it was a must order for me. Pairing the warm oven baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream is just heaven. Fluffy and not overly sweet, it’s a must order and it surely didn’t disappoint.
Their set dinners are value for money and do check for promotions. We had a 3 for 4 promotion where we ordered 4 set dinner for the price of 3. They have set lunch as well. Do check out their facebook page for more information.

Cafe Le Chateau
491 River Valley Road
#01-16, Valley Park
Singapore 248371
Tel: 6737 7897

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