Lucas Goes Botak

Lucas was born with heaps of hair (compared to Xavier which had close to none). Over the four months his hair grew to a very untidy state. I often joked that he looked abit like Chairman Mao. And so, we decided to shave him botak (bald) so that his hair would be even when it …

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Lucas Flips!

Lucas can now flip from his back to his tummy via his left very well. Way to go boy! Looks like we gonna be very busy now as we can’t leave him alone at a spot and assume he is still at the same spot the next minute. He has been trying to flip at …

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Lucas is One Month Old!

Lucas just turned one month old and we would like to thank all relatives and friend for attending the full month celebration and for their wonderful gifts and hongbaos. Both Lilian and I have never seen so many hongbaos before.There were also a few very thoughtful gifts, like the “cake” from Rick and Zhen Zhen.They …

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