I think I’m bitten by the Lego bug. Its my birthday recently and I bought myself Lego Minifigures, 80 of them to be exact. Lego started selling a series of collectible figures in sets of 16 in 2010. The figures could be from all walks of life, from something as likable as a clown to something as …

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Happy Meal Addict

Even since getting Xavier his first Happy Meal, I couldn’t stop getting Happy Meals whenever I can. It seems so fun surprising your kid with a new toy from Happy Meal. Below are my loot so far. The largest collection would be the Kungfu Panda 2 series. The recent collection of mini “pinball” toys are …

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Reventón is here!

Lamborghini Reventón. Many people would have heard or seen a Lamborghini. It’s a pretty common sight at Raffles Place area (man where do these people get so much money?!?). But not many people heard of Reventón. And who would blame them, given that only 21 were made (and none in Singapore). What made this car …

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