Cheeky Lucas turns 4!

Cheeky Lucas turns 4. Somehow after going through all the photos I took, this photo just kept my smiling. It looked like Ethan, the boy on the left who photobombed, was going “Orh, Lucas have a girlfriend”.

Okay back to the Lucas 4th birthday. Its seems to be the routine where we will have a bigger cake for their class celebration, complete with goodies bag and all, and a smaller close family celebration on the actual day.

Lucas seems extremely shy when the birthday song was sang.

Photos from the school celebration.

Happy faces and goodie bags give away.

We had the small family celebration at the function room of our new place. Lucas finally decided to have Bumblebee as his cake after repeated changes over the two weeks leading to his birthday.

Group shots and more happy faces.

Happy 4th Birthday Cheeky Lucas!

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