Clubmed Bali – Day 2

The rooms we booked came with a small balcony. There were coconut trees all over the resort and a small pebble pool near our block. Our room was closer to the main pool whereas Eric’s rooms (yes they gave his family 2 rooms as they have 4 occupants) were further away from us. Lilian commented that the rooms looked nicer on my photo than it actually is. There was no bath tub, just shower facilities. But they did provide a tam pui (baby toilet bowl) for toddler use.

We were up bright and early to make full use of the day. Met Eric’s family at the restaurant for buffet breakfast. Food and drinks are never an issue in Clubmed. They have buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and an Ala-carte restaurant for the other times when you want to eat something in between the timings. Plenty of baby chairs upon request and heaps of food to choose from. The kids love this place and who wouldn’t when you have unlimited raisins, yoghurts and coco crunch. Even I couldn’t resist the humongous food spread (“eating selectively” pledge was thrown out of the window). I rate the spread (in terms of variety) second only to The Line at Shangri-La Singapore. Its just too good to pass.

We went for a guided tour of the resort after breakfast. The GOs showed us where the various facilities are and what we could do. We went back to our rooms to rest after the tiring walkabout as the kids needed their naps. Rest and relax was the order of Day 2. Next program, fun at the pool in the late afternoon.

Its the first time Xavier’s going to the pool to play. You can see his excitement in the top left photo. He gathered his bag and rushed off when we said we are going to swim at the pool. Below are three video clips of him having fun with Lilian and myself in the pool.

Sidenote on S95’s video capabilities: You can only use digital zoom during recording and not optical zoom. It also doesn’t refocus once you start recording. Despite the shortcoming, it shoots in HD (720p) and the recording in stereo is very clear. Afterall, it’s a camera that shoots HD video and not a videocam.

While Lilian puts Xavier to sleep, I went to shoot the night with my 50D. The party had just started in Clubmed. The GOs were bringing the crowd to a high to the tune of YMCA. They even have a surprise treat with some male GOs dressed as party girls. The free flow of cocktails help gives everyone the party spirit.

Sidenote on shooting party night shots: The S95 did well to capture the poolside bar (top left photo). I steady it by the ledge and used long shutter to soak in the night colours. The rest were shot using the 50D at high ISO of 1,600 and 3,200. I didn’t want to use flash so I used high ISO to allow shootable shutter speed. I then used Lightroom 3 to take away most of the digital noise.

If you missed the post of Xavier’s first experience on aeroplane, you can read about it on Day 1 post.
More beach and pool fun coming up in Day 3.
More beach fun and squirrels sighting in Day 4 and 5.

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