Clubmed Bali – Day 3

A good breakfast is the best start to you can have to any day. And both the kids and their parents love the variety Clubmed offers for their buffets. They have these kid’s tray where you can put different food on a different colour.

Clubmed offers to take care of kids age two years and above. For kids below two like Xavier, they require us to engage a nanny (with their contacts). We were initially planning for that so that we could do some activities on our own (like try wind-surfing etc.). However, after speaking to the external coordinator to arrange for a nanny, we didn’t have the confidence in the service. Hence we decided to look after Xavier on our own. I guess being first time parents we tend to treat Xavier like our little precious. 
Its playtime at the pool again. This time, we got the kids a beach ball to play. And boy did they have fun.
We decided to bring Xavier to the beach after lunch. It’s just a stone throw from the Bar. Something caught my eye when we pass by the bar. It’s a mini table-tennis table. The GO was having a game with the old man. I too join in the fun and play a game with the old lady, and lost! The old couple is from Korea.

The first time Xavier been to a beach was at Sentosa during our Staycation last year end so this would be his second time going to the beach. He had fun picking sea shells with mummy. The wrist bands you see in the middle photo are Clubmed’s form of identifying we are their guests.

Eric and I decided to try out Archery in the afternoon. And I won a medal by being 2nd in the mini competition.

And while we are shooting arrows, Xavier was keep himself busy throwing tennis balls in the tennis court.

Before we know it, it was dinnertime. Clubmed has a daily theme and the Ang Mos really dress up for dinner. And I talking like dresses ladies and shirt and pants for guys. We obvious were not prepared (or bothered). Today’s dinner was somewhat special though, as the chefs prepared a number of food carvings. I find the watermelon carving of the crab and rabbit very interesting.

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