Clubmed Bali – Day 4 & 5

We decided to bring Xavier for a early morning beach walk on day 4. Clubmed has this big Trapeze were both kids and adults can try out for free. We didn’t try though, just took a photo of it. On the way to the beach there were many squirrels sighted on the trees and roaming about the resort.

The shots below of the beach were heavily processed. I wanted to have the white sandy feel and sort of bleached the colour away.

We walked towards a few locals who were doing some fishing. Took a shot of their catch too.

As we head back to the bar, a group of guests were having fun with the daily aqua-aerobic.

We met up with Elsie and Zachary at the bar where they were having “Happy Croissant Hour”. Elsie had a taste of bringing two toddlers out and I think her tee-shirt sums up how she feels.

One of the rare family shots capturing Xavier’s cheeky face.

I think Eric’s face sums up how the holiday went. Taking young kids out for holiday is no easy feat. I sort of concluded that Xavier would have the same amount of fun with a Sentosa Staycation, so long as there’s a swimming pool.

If you missed the post of Xavier’s first experience on aeroplane, you can read about it on Day 1 post.
Xavier’s first pool experience is in Day 2.
More beach and pool fun coming up in Day 3.

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