Cold Storage Kids Run 2011

Xavier thrilled with his first medal

Xavier did his run today and got himself a participation medal. I signed him up for the Sunny Family Chase” category and accompanied him for the run.

And boy was it a hot day. We were melting under the scorching sun while waiting for our turn to run. Xavier was all excited about the run on our way there but when it came to the actual run, he became all whiny and needing, and kept asking to be carried every few steps. Maybe it was because of the huge number of unfamiliar faces all around us during the run. Pretty overwhelming for him I guess.

We took a break at the water point and while resting, we saw his classmate Thomas. And all the sudden he had a 180° change, and was running after Thomas and having fun and laughter. He suddenly seems so confident. My conclusion, peer pressure works well on him and he is quite a show-off. Ha.

Here are some of the other photos. The carnival atmosphere from the line of proud parents cheering their family on and taking photos and videos is just wonderful.

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