Compression Run 2011

I signed up for the 12km Compression Run 2011 as a means to force myself to be ready for the Sundown Marathon 2011. Before you look at me in disbelief, no I didn’t register to run a 42km marathon. I signed up for the 21km half marathon.

The Compression Run and the Sundown is about 6 weeks apart so I thought it was a perfect “checkpoint”. But I have been slacking with my run preparation, procrastinating from Chinese New Year to my reservist to 2 weeks before the Compression Run before I did some real running. And even then it was just a 4km and a 5.5km run in that 2 weeks. So I was not having high hopes of completing the 12km run in 1 piece.

But the actual run went pretty well. I guess when you are running with so many other runners, you tend to get motivated. Weather was cooling and there was a slight drizzle during the run. A few eye candies help to make the run more bearable. And I finish the run in 1 piece with a timing I’m very happy with.

Next up, Sundown. Hope I can get some 10km runs before the attempting the 21km.

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