Corner Delights Prawn Mee (at The Arcade)

There are quite a number of yummy food places in the CBD area that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. One of them is the delicious prawn mee nested in the middle of The Arcade in a eating place call Corner Delights.

Run by two sisters, this place serves quite a range of food from porridge to laksa to chee cheong fun and yam cake to desserts like barley ginkgo. But the main fare is prawn mee.

My usual order is prawn kway teow dry. I do not really like soupy noodles but the soup here is thick and full of flavour. The prawns are de-shelled and sliced halved, and the chilli is excellent. Mix it with the other ingredients and seasoning and this is one great tasting prawn mee. Of course if they served it with big, fat, juicy whole prawn, it would be even better. But for normal office lunch, de-shelled halved prawn will do.

The chee cheong fun is also a must eat. You can buy them for breakfast or for tea break.

11 Collyer Quay
#01-31, The Arcade
Singapore 049317

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