Crumpler The Grub

Front of The Grub (L)
I wanted to have a look at Crumpler’s Thirsty Al (M) as a possible pouch for my Canon S95 but they were sold out. My eyes however caught a red hot sleeve with an orange imprint of a retro camera on the outside, The Grub (L).
Tried it and it fits well on the S95. It wraps the S95 like a glove and there is also sufficient space for the Richard Franiec’s grip which I have ordered pending delivery. This would be the new home of my S95.
Back of The Grub (L)
Front with S95 inside
Top with S95 inside

According to the staff, this sleeve is a new arrival to the store, so new that I could not find any information about it on their website or Google.

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