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Today marks the day Daddy Matters goes live! I strongly urge all active daddies, all active daddies wanna-be join us our online community. Of course if you are a mummy looking to see what’s on the mind of your other half, or you are still single but believes active fatherhood is important, you are more than welcome to join us too.

Facebook: Daddy Matters

Facebook Group: Daddy Matters Group (Singapore)

When you are a parent, you know very well that things often do not happen as planned. This applies even to April Fool jokes. Winston knows this all too well. He had initially posted a prank online about forming a group of daddy bloggers call Singapore Man Bloggers, I think partly because it had the same acronym as Singapore Mom Bloggers, just to create some confusion.

A number of daddy bloggers took it for real and were game for it. So what was started as an innocent joke snowballed into 2 days of serious discussion and at the end of it, Daddy Matters was a go-ahead.

Daddy Matters is a community formed by eleven active daddies who are not experts ourselves, but believes in sharing and learning from each other in the community about active fatherhood and how to be a better daddy. We hope you can join us in this never ending quest, because Daddy Matters, says one father to another.

Below are the daddies:


Andy Lee –
Christopher Vu –
Daddy M –
Edmund Tay –
Isaiah Kuan –
Kelvin Ang –
Kelvin Ang –
Nick Pan –
Patrick Pang –
Winston Tay – &
and me.

Profile of the eleven daddies that started Daddy Matters can be found here.

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