Dads for Life and The Joy of Being There Contest

I only have a handful of followers on my blog so when a new follower joins, it’s quite hard not to notice. Recently I had a new follower with a colourful icon. After clicking it, I found this interesting non-profit site call Dads for Life. Its basically a Singapore based website where daddies get tips, advices and share their experiences through stories and forum. As their website puts it, “ serves as a focal point for all activities of the national DadsforLife movement to inspire and involve all Dads to play a more active role in their children’s lives for life.”

I strongly encourage all daddies to join the community. Daddies nowadays play a more proactive role in parenting and more often than not parenting methods that works is often discovered through trial and error. What works for one kid might not work for the other, even if they are twins. Being in a community, you get other daddies sharing their success stories, views and ideas with you. So you have more ideas and methods on hand to see which works for your kid.

I believe in their bid to raise awareness, they have organised a contest call The Joy of Being There. Daddies are encourage to write an entry on it. I submitted mine and I would need your support and votes for my entry.

How to Vote:
1) Click to go to my entry.
2) You need to log into your facebook account and click on the “Like” button (to “Like” DadsforLife) on the bottom left corner of my entry.
3) After you have “Like” the site then will the vote button appear.

My entry titled “I’ll be there for him, for better or worst” was one of the two entries selected for the Pick-of-The-Week. I do hope with your votes, I can win the grand prize. If you like my entry, please vote and spread the word for me. Thank you.

Lastly, if you are a daddy, please take the opportunity to join the contest and write your story. I would vote for you too. 🙂

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