Dadsforlife Sand Castle Event

Dadsforlife organised a Meet Up and Sand Castle Event for at East Coast Park recently. I was hesitant to join initially as it would mean attending with just Xavier (since Lilian is still in confinement). The thought of sand and sea and Xavier running around just didn’t gel well in my head.

But Andy was going with his four kids and he said it would be fun if we all go together. So I reluctantly agreed. And I’m glad I did. It was a fun event and Xavier thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Having to keep an eye on him also meant I didn’t really have a chance to take much photos and mingle with the rest to make new friends. Well I’ll leave the photos to Andy (can see more at his blog), and I did introduced to Isaiah (from J Babies’ Dad) and Nick (from And it did boast my confidence taking Xavier out alone and I should do that more often.

Looking forward to more Dadsforlife event and knowing more parents.

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