Darth Xavier is back!

The Dark Forces (Dr. Chee) has once again lure Xavier to the dark side and made him Darth Xavier again (well he put Xavier on a 4+2 days Nebuliser course). Xavier didn’t get Bronchitis again but he has been coughing for two weeks and it was getting worse so Nebuliser seems to be the next best thing.

Prescribing medication for Xavier has been a challenge for Dr. Chee due to his size. “He is a 8 month old baby in a one year plus body size” was how he put it. Yeah we know tat, since he is wearing 12-18 months clothes now. So if he prescribe based on his age, it might not be effective for him (too little). If he prescribe based on his “body” it might be too much.

This time round its more challenging for us to do the Nebuliser peacefully. Xavier would toss and turn and wiggle his way around, use his hands to slap and push away the mask, kick and bounce his way out of it. We had no choice but to engage a higher power for help. He came readily to our rescue, in the form of a chubby purple suit. Yes Barney is here to keep Xavier still.

Image from Amazon website.

It’s amazing Barney could catch kids attention so easily. I do not know if its something to do with the size, the colour, the voice or the chucker but kids are just drawn to it, Xavier included.

The latest Tiger Beer commercial is also a sure attention grabber for Xavier. Whenever it is aired on TV, he would drop everything he is doing and just stare at the commercial till its finished. Now that’s what I call a successful commercial.

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