Dealing with Kid’s Demands

Xavier will be turning two next month and he is already starting to ask for things. And he is also getting more whinny and his fake cry acting is getting more polished. There was once when he was crying and whining about wanting to play with my remote control car and when I finally agree, his face changed 180 degree from crying to beaming.

As parents, we have to stand firm. I’ve been drilling into him that crying gets him nowhere. If he wants something, he has to ask nicely and he may get it. If he cry, we would not be able to hear what he wants so he gets nothing.

The other thing I learnt is to stop his crying first then reason with him. He usually cry after I pick him up and ask him to stop crying. If I try to reason with him while he is crying, nothing goes into his head. He would crying louder and I would usually lose my cool.

And both parents need to work with each other. Sometimes when Lilian see that I’m losing or lost my cool, she takes over and vice-verse. One very important thing to note is both parents stand must be the same. If its different, do not express it or intervene in front of the kid. Do it away from him. Kids are very smart. If you were to do in front of him, he knows the “authority” can be challenged.

If you have other parenting tips, please share them. 🙂

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