(Dis)Band of Brothers

This is where it all begins…

10th March 2011. This day marks the day 650 SIR (Singapore Infantry Regiment), 8th Mono Intake 3 SIR, Scout Platoon disbands. A number of brothers have received their MR (Military Release) and will no longer be call up for reservist.

Scouts are a special infantry breed. We operate in small teams and are required to walk longer than the rest of the Battalion on loads heavier than most infantry soldiers. And we do travel on “speedy” mode, often with little rest. And when you do that for over a decade with the same people, going through thick and thin and all things in between, you become as close as brothers.

I feel a little sad that it all ends so abruptly. The news that there will be a number of brothers who will receive their MR this ICT (In-Camp Training) were only told to us on the second last day of training. All the sudden I felt lost at the fact that the platoon has disbanded.

I would thank all the brothers for the wonderful bitter-sweet memories and it’s my privilege to have walked/slept/eat/drink/fight/shot/run/chased after/hor-lan/swam/drove/recce alongside with you guys. All good things must come to an end. Though we will not have a chance to “cheong sua” as a platoon anymore, I believe we will still keep in touch. Let’s try our best to meet up at least once a year.
54 Delta DY, over and out.

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  1. You are right …. suddenly 10 Yrs NS cycle finished just like that … at first CO wanted to MR everyone this september instead … all thest to everyone future endeavour …

    yong / HQ Coy

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