Fat to Not So Fat

I was reading this article on Men’s Health Singapore October 2010 issue call Running After Heels by Neil Humphreys when Lilian turned to me and ask what I was grinning about. I felt somewhat connected to Neil. We were in similar circumstances: in our thirties, have a young kid, use to have super metabolism but have put on extra tyres, etc.

He wrote about the reasons that got him exercising and I couldn’t stop laughing about the fourth point: “I could no longer see my private parts”. Its so funny yet, so frank and real.

Not so long ago, July 2010 to be exact, I couldn’t see mine as well. I was at my “prime” then, happily (and casually) blogging about good food I love or have come across. My weight was just decimals below 80kg and I had to make new pants and subsequently enlarge those new pants, all within the first seven months of year 2010. Conversation at friends’ gatherings soon focus on my growing tummy and I even came up with the perfect excuse that the tummy is needed to support Xavier’s weight when I’m carrying him (as he “sits” on my tummy).

But inside me I had this voice that keeps telling me I need to get back in shape again (not sure whether was I incepted?). Partly was because I need to pass the coming IPPT and partly because its becoming ridiculous to buy more new pants, again. All these years I have always passed my IPPT within my window period. I just needed to shape up 3 months before the deadline and I usually scape through it. However, this year is different, very different. I felt I need help badly to pass this year’s IPPT.

Hence when my company had a team building event at FTI (Functional Training Institute), I took up the offer for a training session after that and subsequently sign up for personal training with one of the specialist. For the first time in my life I have join a gym and it wasn’t cheap. I could have bought myself a new iMac for the money. But I needed someone to jump-start my system and motivate (read yell and scream) me toward a healthier lifestyle. This also involved a total change in mindset on my part. In fact, Lilian was quite shock at my mindset change. For friends who have known me well, I’m a meat lover and braised pig trotter is one of my favourite. However, I began to dramatically change my diet from full meat and no vegetable to full vegetable and no meat.

Three months have passed and I have shred almost 7kg (now about 73kg) and my body fat has gone from 20% to 17%. I have learnt and experience quite a number of things which I would share in my later posts. While I failed my IPPT last Saturday (by 1 chip-up), I’m feeling good overall. I have gone from fat to not so fat. Becoming fit is still some distance away and a goal I’m working towards. Next milestone, completing the coming Nike 10k run is under 1hr 15 mins. Hopefully my troubled left knee recovers before the run.

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