Fitness Milestone Weekend

Front runners of the run aka those who can run fast enough for prize.

This weekend has been very fruitful as I accomplished two fitness goals I set for myself in July. The first was to pass IPPT. Did that on Saturday by passing the Chip-Up Station. Might do again before my window close for money but will see how my knee recovers.

The second was to complete a run event of at least 10km. Did that this morning at the Nike City 10K SG 2010 run this morning with Johnson and Jiamiao.

Runner facing a sea of florescent green as we form up for the start of the run.
Happy faces before the run.
Happy faces + Victory signs after the run.
Running shoes tri-force!

I finished the run below 60mins (according to my Nike+ app timing) and can’t be happier since I set the target at 75mins. Johnson and Jiamiao will be preparing for their Stanchart 21km Run. As for me, I’m probably gonna go back to eating yummy sinful food…


Update on 27Oct10:

Ok my chip timing is out: 58mins 44 sec. *Pat myself on the back*

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