Get well soon Xavier

This week hasn’t been too well for little Xavier. Having fall off our bed and ended with a “baluku” on his forehead on Sunday to now having yo-yo fever and a suspect for hand foot mouth disease (HFMD), it has indeed been a tough week.

Actually falling off our bed is not all a bad thing if the fall didn’t result in anything serious like this time. He actually grew wary of the edge of the bed now. If you have asked him where he fell, he would point to you the area. And if you asked if he wants to go there and play, he will reply “no no”. But he had also become clumsier recently as he keeps bumping his head into places like reversing into the wall and door frame and dropping our cordless phone onto his own foot.
His infant care center is slowly becoming a HFMD hotspot this week. We were told of two cases reported over the weekend and today Xavier and another boy were sent back home in the afternoon for having fever. He is now having yo-yo fever and there were some suspicious spots on his hand and lip. But a visit to our PD this evening yield a “likely but not firm” answer as it could also be a viral infection since he is still having cough and phlegm from last week. So our task now is to observe him over the next three days for more observe signs like multiple red blister spots and ulcers.
Below are two videos of him taken when he was feeling better today. Hope you get well soon my boy.

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