Gino, Mummy’s Great Helper

Gino MAMAMOANSHIN Multi Food Cutter, known more commonly as Gino food cutter, never fails to get people’s attention when we use it. Friends at gatherings are always gasps when Lilian whips Gino out and they are equally amazed at what it could do.
This little tool is a godsend for parents who needs to cut food into baby bite size. When I first saw it, it looked like one of those mini construction vehicle toys, with the signature yellow colour and sharp merciless claws/teeth.
But it does its job really well, cutting up noodles, meat, vegetables and almost anything you throw at it into baby bite sizes without much effort. I said almost anything because Lilian broke one before, trying to cut the stem of one of the vegetable. Made of plastic, it does have its limits.
We tried to look for a stronger substitute but nothing comes close at all. In the end, Lilian bought a second Gino. This wonderful tool also doubles as a masher so if you need to mash potato or pumpkin, it will come in handy.

Comes with a compact carrying case, you can find in sites like Japan’s, Singapore Motherhood Forum or Tiny Shop Blog.

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