Greedy Xavier

We got the first “complaint” from Xavier’s teacher yesterday. It seems he is very greedy and even after he is fed, he would eye other babies milk bottles or porriage bowls when the teachers are feeding the other babies.

When I say eye, I mean really eye, like a hungry wolf watching rabbits hopping around. In fact, the “complaint” was he “bit” a teacher on the arm when being denied food that is not his. Well I think he didn’t literally bite, probably just did his “Goldfish” move.

So what is his “Goldfish” move? He would open his mouth wide and attach it to one of your bodyparts, then while attached, shake his head like he is saying “no”. Nothing harmful except that area get wet with his saliva. He likes to do that to my shoulder, my arm and my fingers.

Anyway there is now another commercial that would catch his attention and make him stop whatever he is doing and stare at the television. I have attached it below. Pretty nice song I must say.

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