Handyman Xavier finds iPhone fun

We were are Uncle Jeffrey’s place and Xavier got dressed up as a handyman complete with helmet and spanner. So cute, Lilian had to take a picture for memories.

Anyway as many of you may know by now, the supposedly Apple iPhone 4G was leaked out by an Apple employee who unintentionally left behind the prototype in a bar. One year ago, I was still snubbing iPhones and wondering why people are going crazy over it. Well I now a happy iPhone user and I can’t stop telling people how good and easy it is to use. If I had known how good they were one year ago, I would have bought Apple shares. It was about USD120/share one year ago and its now over USD260/share.

An example of how easy it is to use iPhone?
It’s so easy that even Xavier can browse the photos on Lilian’s iPhone with ease. So will I ever go back to a normal phone? No. I’m an iPhone convert now.

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