Happee Day – A Meaningful Event for Children with Cancer

I saw Andy’s post today on this meaningful event that is organised by Daphne from Mother, Inc and I decide to help spread the word as well.

It’s true that as parents, all we really want for our kids is for them to be healthy and happy. When Lilian was expecting our baby, it didn’t matter whether is it a boy or a girl. All we wish was the baby arrived healthy and normal. A recent incident also made me not take the healthy state of kids for granted.

However, not everyone is as fortunate and there are children who are diagnosed with cancer. It does make it hard to swallow given that people usually associate cancer with much older seniors.

Mother, Inc have decided to organise this meaningful event at Hort Park for 30 children fighting cancer on 31st October 2010. You can help in the following ways:

– Volunteer your time and help for at event. If you are a logistic expert, can do street magic like make a tree disappear, can twist balloons into mickey mouse or can do face painting, you are needed.
– Donate to Children’s Cancer Foundation if you are not able to attend the event but still want to help.

For more information, check out Mother, Inc’s blog post on this event or email to daphne [at] motherinc [dot] org. Please help to spread the word on your blog or tweet. Or you can whisper to your neighbour. Tell as many people as you can.

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