Happy 5th Anniversary!

Happy 5th Anniversary My Dear!

Wedding Collarge - 08

It’s amazing how time flies when you are with the person you love. Lilian and I were lawfully married on 20/05/2005 but the wedding ceremony was on 12/11/2005. You can view the rest of the scanned wedding collarge on my Flickr.

I remember spending sleepless nights before the wedding doing our photo montage to be shown before our first march-in, partly to save some cost and partly because I wanted something at the dinner which I did myself for us. It was done as a slideshow on Powerpoint.

Recently I took it out from the wedding folder in my PC and wanted to link it for this post. That was when I realise how scrappy it was. So I decided to redo the whole thing and call it Wedding Montage 5th Anniversary Edition.

Although we have been married for 5 years, we have been together for 15 years already. It was  a wonderful journey filled with heaps of love, laughter, hugs, kisses and some tears and frustration. I believe we understand and love each other even better now. Thank you Dear, for always being there for me. Love You Always! xoxo

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