Happy Father’s Day 2011 – Good Luck Daddy!

Sometimes it takes just a little gentle touch to make you day. Xavier wishes me luck when I most needed it.

Father’s day on Sunday passed without much fanfare other than celebrating my niece Yu En’s birthday. I have been totally drained from fixing up my new PC.

It started probably a month ago with all the reading up and getting up to speed with the new technologies and terminologies. But even then, the assembly of my PC on 10th June didn’t go all that smoothly. Somehow the PC has a mood of its own and would not start up when it do not feel like it. And the almost nightly troubleshooting since then yields no clear indication to what was causing it.

So that left me drained and dejected. That also tells me I’m no longer young and now lack the passion and energy to troubleshoot a DIY PC. If given a choice, I would have just spend more money and buy an iMac. At least I know it would work out of the box and I do not have to spend precious time troubleshooting when I should be spending on my family and sleep. Yes sleep is a very precious commodity nowadays.

Then came Monday when everything changed for the better. Xavier gave me the Father’s Day artwork from his school (better late then never). It was a horseshoe coloured in blue with the wordings “Happy Father’s Day and Lots of Luck for Daddy!”. And somehow I seem to figure out what might be the cause of my PC issues.

With the need to troubleshoot out of the way, I can once again go back to me usual activities like blogging and hopefully get more sleep. There is no such thing as too much luck and I would certain need all the luck I can get. Thanks Xavier.

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