Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers are great. They carry and grow our babies for nine months, suffer labor pain to bring them into this world and continue to shower them with love and care. Their milk gives the baby the best source of food, nutrition and protection that no milk powder can replace. Just want to wish my mum and Lilian Happy Mother’s Day (on behalf of Xavier) and thank you for everything you have done.
I had a recent email chat with an ex-colleague of mine who is pregnant with her first child and it struck me how negative I was about having a new member in the family. In short, I was focusing more on the negatives and sacrifices that came as a package with the baby. I was telling her how “Sometimes I feel like I’m working my butts off for this kid who does nothing but makes me angry… sigh… parenthood”.
Days after my reply to her I read my statement again and found what was wrong. Instead of focusing on the positive side of things like Lilian, I only tunnel vision on the negatives. Lilian would look at the good side, how he bring fun and laughter to us, enjoying what the baby has to offer. I was looking at what the baby took away (sacrifices).
I am changing my view of things but I guess I can never replace the motherly love Lilian gives. That’s what makes Mothers so special. Anyway if your kid is in a infant or child care center, you would definitely get a card on Mother’s day, which is a nice surprise. The teachers would get your kid involve in the card making. Above is the front page of Xavier’s card to Lilian. You could see scribbling, a heart shape, and his signing off, Love Xavier (although the word love is hard to make out). Behind the card is his hand print (which I attached below).

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