Happy Spidey Six Birthday Xavier!

It’s kid’s birthday celebration that makes me realise how fast the kids are growing up. Xavier celebrates his 6th birthday, Spidey style.

We told him beforehand that this would be the last time he will be celebrating his birthday in school. Understandably, he was super excited about his birthday. The birthday cake design has went through countless changes. He finally settled on Spiderman for this school celebration.

As it was his last school celebration, we decided to upsize his cake to 3kg to cater for the whole school. Lucas wanted to blow the candles on his cake too so he celebrated together with Lucas.

His classmates have something extra. All of them turn into Spidey and friends. Ha.

As usual, we have our own family celebration over the weekend. Something small, something cozy. Lilian ordered food from Lee Wee & Brothers. They are perfect for small parties.

Xavier choose Batman for this birthday celebration. Kids nowadays are so fortunate, having getting two cakes per birthday.

Took a few group shots and save some happy memories. Happy 6th Birthday Xavier.

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