Homemade Popiah Party

I have received a number of encouraging comments for my food photos, most of them saying it made them hungry. That put a grin on my face as the photos had to be reasonably good to make you hungry right?

My mother’s side of the family are quite closely knit and almost every Saturday would be a mini gathering. I remember going to my Grandmother’s place at Queensway almost every Saturday to catch up with all the uncle aunties and of course to be treated to great food.

The venue has now changed to my big uncle’s house but one thing never change, the presence of good food and great company. Though Lilian and I have not been going as often for the “weekly gathering”, Popiah Party is never to be missed.

Good popiah party are hard to come by due to the huge amount of preparation work needed to prepare the ingredients. These includes lettuce leaves, grated carrot (by far the hardest to prepare), shredded omelette, bean spouts, prawns, hot chilli (sometimes makes or breaks a popiah), sweet dark sauce and grounded peanut. And when these are homemade, the popiah would often be so filled with ingredients that wrapping it becomes a challenge.

Different people have different ways of making their popiah and there is no right or wrong. I usually do mine on two Popiah skin (slightly apart so I can create a bigger popiah). I then put the lettuce on one end and start piling on the other ingredient starting with the grated carrot and ending with peanut over the sweet sauce.

Wrapping also requires speed and skill, expecially when I usually filled it like its gonna explode on first bite. Sometimes I even leave one end open while holding it vertical so I can pile more ingredients thru the opening. Greedy.

Below are some of the other stuff present at the table. The homemade wu xiang on the right and the tuna on the left were so good they were all gone before the end of the dinner. There were also yummy apple crumble bought by Rachel. Hope they made you hungry as well.

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  1. So you must come more frequent for the weekly feast. We can also have more pix of the yummy food. The one you miss recently had very yummy pizza, very shiok.

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