Hup Seng Duck Rice

Hup Seng Duck Rice is my favourite stall when it comes to braised duck rice.The perfect balance of the oil, the fats and the dark sauce never fails to make me drool.

Popular coffeshops usually have one super stall that majority of patrons will order from. As the chinese saying, 一山不能藏二虎, having two super stalls in a single coffeeshop is a rare sight. Unless they complement each other. And complement they did. Lilian and I would always order a plate of Hup Seng braised duck to go with Rong Chen Bak Kut Teh. And we would usually order Hup Seng’s duck porridge for Xavier. 

We love Hup Seng’s braised duck as it is juicy and tender. One bite and you feel like you are in paradise, as the aroma oozes out from the meat. Like Lilian says, “很入味”. The other popular dish is the Salted Veg Duck Soup. We are not a fan of the soup but we always see many patrons ordering it.
Blk 22 Sin Ming Road
Eng Ho Hup Coffeeshop, #01-258
Singapore 570022
Tel: 6454 3810

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