I hate the #%&*!@ ERP!

Man I hate ERPs! They are the stupidest money sucking idea ever. You pay so much and yet the expressways are still jam.

I have super hatred for ERPs today. I just crossed the damn gantry at ECP at exactly 7.24pm! And that bloody cost me $2.00 for nothing. The ECP is still jam with vehicles. Just 1 silly minute more and it would have only cost me S1.30 and another 6 minutes more it would be only $0.50. And I had to cross it at 7.24pm!

As if to rub salt into wound, Yes 93.3FM played 阿杜 – 差一點 right after I pass the gantry. Anyway I found the funny edited version of that song at youtube and it sort of made me laugh and lessen the pain.

Had a bad day, come laugh it away with the video below for “Tomorrow will be better!”

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