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My car do not seems to get along well with carpark pillars with red fire extinguisher boxes on them. Twice I had self-inflicted damages to my white Honda Jazz because of these pillars. And both times they were really at blind spots, so blind that I didn’t see it till it was too late.

The latest was at the Mount Elizabeth hospital carpark on the last night of Lilian’s stay. I reversed into a pillar while trying to turn out of the carpark and the driver’s door got a fist size dent and multiple scratches. The scratches were so deep then it reached the bare metal.
I had thoughts to leaving it but the thought of rust setting onto the bare metal forced me to repair and restore it. Got two workshops to quote and the price were about the same. So I went with Khek Joo Motor Workshop. They specialise in paints and many forumers from Fit Jazz Club recommended him when they wanted to install or remove spoilers as they find his workmanship good and price reasonable.
Before repair and after repair
They needed a whole day for the job so I went early morning and only got back my car at 6pm. Boy was I impressed with the workmanship. The dented area was smooth and it looked like before. No trace of the dent or scratches at all. It costed me $160 which I thought was pretty reasonable. Below are the details if your car needs plastic surgery.
Khek Joo Motor Workshop
Blk 9004 Tampines Street 93
Singapore 528838 (Behind SAFRA Tampines)
Contact person : Mr. Ng – 96166658

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