Kazu Sumi-Yaki Restaurant

Today’s posting is on my favourite “no hold-back, eat all you can and talk about the bill later” cozy meat-lovers paradise. I have been craving to eat here for four months, as the last time I came was with Eric just before Xavier was born. This was suppose to be Rick’s very belated birthday treat (since he was busy with his own wedding before).

Anyway, Rick and Zhen was late (as usual, :P) so I got myself a Asahi and started on the cabbage and miso paste.
The cabbage drip in miso paste taste great by itself. Fresh, crunchy and so addictive, I finished all my miso and half my Asahi before Rick and Zhen finally came. Excited like a small boy with lollipop, I started to order the usuals as well as some new items from the menu. The first round of orders went like: cheese pork sausage, fatty pork with apple, quail egg, foie gras, large lamb chop, chicken ball, chicken wings, chicken skin, potato puree (baked mashed potato with foie gras butter) and prime pork belly.

This is Cheese Pork Sausage. Marry it with the seeded mustard (behind). Cheese oozing out of the juicy sausage made Rick’s eyes open up (like those participants at those food variety show).

From left to right: Fatty Pork with Apple, Chicken Ball and Quail Egg. Good things comes in double.

Rick made a new friend call Foie Gras. Done to perfection, it just melts right in your mouth. You could see the Foie Gras own “oil” dripping above. Cautious, eat too much and a visit to the doctor would be next (for cholesterol check).

One lamb chop each, no need to fight over it. Grilled just right and lightly salted, the chops taste so juicy yet tender.

Johnson came just in time for the second round of orders. Above is his Cha Soba, complete with the quail egg that is usually only available in good Japanese restaurants. And the gang was up for somemore orders: enoki mushroom wrapped with bacon, prime pork with eggplant and miso paste, avocados and more US and AUS wagyu beef. We were even playing “guess where the wagyu beef is from” as it came togther on 1 plate.

Having space only for desert left, we decided to order all the four flavours (different flavours are available on different days) of the “Snow drop” deserts: Caremal with Pomelo, Banana with Pomelo, Mango with Pomelo and Salty Chocolate with Pomelo. Its bascially ice-cream of the above flavours, wrapped in a soft “muah chee” skin. From what we understand, there are even people who came to eat here just for this desert. Below is a closer look at it. So pretty, it looked almost like an art.

After 50 items (including drinks), all of us left happy and satisfied. Quote from Rick: “This is not one of the best Japanese restauarant I have been to, its THE best.” While I wouldn’t say its the best, but its definitely my favourite. The photo below are the sticks from the items we have eaten. Remember to call and book in advance or you will probably be disappointed as the place is hugely popular and always packed. Rick did suspect the skinny, petite lady sitting on the table beside us is Stephanie Sun. We didn’t approach her though.

5 Koek Rd
#04-05 Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796
Tel: 67342492

Dinner only, for opening hours, call to confirm.

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