Kids are so smart nowadays…

Kids are so smart nowadays that we wonder if its anything to do with all the DHA, AA, ARA, SA, whatever “A” companies are putting into those milk powder. I mean back when we were a kid, milk powder is just milk powder.

Kids now are also being forced to grow up earlier, maybe thats why they are smarter too. I mean we as parents are so caught up with flash cards and classes and educational DVDs that I sometimes find it silly when I take a step back. What happen to the play time kids suppose to have? And I’m only talking about a kid who is barely walking. Yet, every other parents are doing it so you find yourself asking the question, “Is my kid gonna be left behind if he doesn’t do Glenn Doman flash cards, go Kindermusik lessons and watch Baby can Read DVDs?”
I guess being a Singaporean parents, you inevitable becomes kiasu. Anyway in case you do not know, there is a that provides information most kiasu Singapore parents are looking for, especially on the topic of choosing Primary School. I roll my eyes in disbelieve when someone told me kids need to know twelve times table before primary one. You’re kidding right?
Anyway I decided to write this post today becomes I wanted to share Danny’s funny facebook post:
Danny: “Brigton, why ain’t you listening, where are your ears?”
Brigton: “Daddy, my ears spoilt.”

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