Lao Ban Soya Beancurd 老伴豆花

We frequent Old Airport Road Hawker Centre quite often as there are many wonderful food stalls under one roof.

We been seeing crazy queues at this particular stall selling Soya Beancurd and Lilian heard of raving reviews on how smooth and different the beancurds are here. But the long queues usually put us off. It was only recently when a colleague bought them to give away in office did I get a chance to try it.

The beancurds served here are extreme smooth, and different. The usual fresh beancurds you buy are scoped layer by layer into a bowl or container before serving to you. Here stacks and stacks of beancurd are pre-packed and chilled in the fridge. The flawless beancurd greets you when you open the lid, inviting you to make the first scope and send it into your mouth.

And oh how the beancurd melts into your mouth. And if you use your tongue to “play” with it, you would notice just how smooth as silk the beancurd is. So smooth its almost unreal. In fact I have friends who relate it to eating custards. And not everyone is a fan, with some preferring the usual beancurd texture.

For me, I’m a fan. I didn’t ask if I there is a “less sweet” version but the original sweetness is just right for me. And business seems to be booming. They now have two stalls in Old Airport Road Hawker Centre and one at Maxwell Food Centre. If you are wondering why there are long queues for it since it’s pre-packed and served pretty quickly. The reason is because people tend to buy in 8s and 10s to give away and share with their friends and family. And when I have to queue for sometime to buy something good, I tend to overbuy just so I can giveaway too. It’s a vicious circle.

You can “Like” them at their facebook page if you wish.

Blk 51 Old Airport Road
#01-127, Old Airport Road Hawker Centre
Singapore 390051

Blk 51 Old Airport Road
#01-107, Old Airport Road Hawker Centre
Singapore 390051

1 Kadayanallur Street
#01-91, Maxwell Food Centre

Singapore 069184

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