Leonardo came to my dreams?

Manage to catch Inception recently. Its been awhile since Lilian and I last caught a movie so it was a big deal. Like almost everyone else, I left the cinema with question marks on my forehead.

One of the question mark was, “Have I been incepted recently?”. I mean for years I have enjoyed eating the tasty food, which usually do not classify as clean, healthy food. Think braised pork trotter, fried chicken wings and fatty pork with apple sumi-yaki and you get the rough idea. And I have never believed in gym, much less engaging a personal trainer.
Somehow after my Penang trip, it stuck me that this year’s IPPT is gonna be a steep uphill task, mainly because my weight and belt size has ballooned faster than the raise in COE prices. And the thought of wasting time at RT when I should be spending time with my family made me do drastic actions.
So I engaged a personal trainer to get my fitness back, changed my diet to cut carbohydrates and totally eliminate fried and fatty food from my diet. It came a point that Lilian took some of my vegetables from my soupy Yong Tau Foo as she had less vegetables on her plate; even she couldn’t believe she did that.
Its been slightly over a month and I’m seeing results in terms of 1 belt size reduction and a generally healthier feel. But I still have to work on my pull-ups and 2.4km run to get through.
So was I incepted? I don’t know as I don’t remember dreaming about people saying I’m fat and I should get a trainer and work on my fitness. But the fact that the idea suddenly grew in me makes me wonder…

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