Life Passes By…

Knowingly, I stop blogging as I started a little project involving Lego (their bricks, not their company). Ever since I bought the Lego Collectible Minifigures in Dec 2011, I have been hooked and my Lego collection has ballooned.

But unknowingly, this little project has turned pretty massive and literally consumed all available waking hours I have after the boys sleep. And I’m not even half way through yet. 
And during the period, so much has happened. Dengue cases increasing with no end in sight, haze has come and gone (for now), (investment) markets going through crazy ups and downs, boys have grown and changed…
Since this crazy project of mine is gonna take up more time, I’m gonna pace myself now and not just focus intensively on it.

Last Saturday evening, Xavier and Lucas were playing among themselves in the living room. When we called the boys to the dining table for dinner, Xavier brought along the Duplo house he build above. He said this house is for Daddy and him and the police motorbike is for both of us to share. Moments like this melts your heart. Then when we asked what about Mummy and Lucas, he replied no space. LOL.

Hoping to blog more soon. Am also going to start exercising again to shred the fats. Life suddenly looks exciting again. 

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